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[18 Jun 2009|02:08am]
If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

I def love you guys!!
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[05 Dec 2007|03:35am]
The countdown is to a half hour! The heartbeat has def quickened! Ack! I hate my lack of confidence and my anxiety!
To keep my mind off stuff I played with my camera and here's what I came up with, I'm not really impressed with any of them.
Way Way Way to many pics of meCollapse )

Ok it's about that time, my heart is racing a million miles a sec! AHHHH!
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Seatbelt Purse! [09 Oct 2007|09:44pm]
So I wanted one of these forever, i want a gold and green one so I have somethng to carry my camera in to games. So my dad got me some seatbelts and i took a shot at it and I actually really like how it came out! This one is grey cause it was the tester, and I don't have any green seatblets;) I painted one gold, so once I figure out green I'll make my own. I was thinking, these things sell for $90 online! So seeing I can make them and can totally customize them, I was thinking about selling them. And I'd sell them for $45, Half price!;) I can totally do different fabric inside, anything you'd want really:) and I can do a colored ribbon on top where the zipper is. So if anyone wants one, please let me know!:) They're fun to make:) I def wanna make some nice customized ones, that look cooler:) Anyways, here's some pics:)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Inside (working zipper and all!) The lining would totally look cool with some patterned fabric relating to whatever you like:) I think i'm lining mine with green and gold fabric:)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2 more picsCollapse )
Oh and I may also change up the strap and make it adjustable and with an actual working buckle part:)

Crossposted to my design journal: dreambig99
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[19 Sep 2007|01:48pm]
Squeee!!!!! YAY!!! Finally! those jerseys are damn ugly, but the boy is damn sexy!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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[27 Jun 2007|12:26am]
Anybody know where I can find out who will be signing this weekend at NHIS? I wanna see carl, but my brother wants to meet a few other drivers, but I can't find out any that are signing except Casey Mears at 10:30am, can't even find info on carl! Anyone know of any signings saturday or sunday?? I really wanna see Jon Wood, Ken Schrader and Jason Leffler, but I doubt any of those would be possible. Any info would rock:)
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Lababera MVP hoodies [08 Apr 2007|10:51pm]
Here are the 3 hoodies I made for MVP night in Manchester for Jason Lababera.
Here's the one I made for me:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here's mom's:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the front says lababera 35

Here's Jerrid's:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Front says "THE PUCK STOPS HERE"...and it looks funny cause the p looks like an f due to where the zipper lays;)

I'm watching some treasure show and the guy just said this: "Diamonds are like girls, they can be any shape, any color and they're all pretty." Awww:)

And i totally forgot to mention, it was def a good weekend for my sports boys! CARL WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arod hit a Grand Slam with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th with the yanks down a run!!! Awesome!! Iowa won last night!! (even if pushy is still out, and perioa lost so iowa is still in 4th place, and still has a chance for the playoffs!) only bad thing was with 2 mins. left in the monarchs game yesterday Lababera got hurt! on his MVP rally night! I have my fingers crossed he'll be ok and be there for the playoffs!

Ok well bed time, sorry for filling up your friends page;)
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[22 Mar 2007|10:06pm]
It's my goal to get all the pushy cards that are out there, so I made site with my stuff to trade:)

Posted on a trading site, let's hope for some respones:)
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Calling All Canadains!... [25 Feb 2007|11:53pm]
Calling All My Canadian LJ Friends!
While in NH I saw a commercial (in french) about the mini hockey sticks they have at McDonalds in canada and think they are the coolest thing ever! So I'm asking a favor, can any of you guys hook me up with one? I really want a Alexander Ovechkin one! but would def take any. I can totally pay you for it and shipping! It's cheesy that our mcdonalds can't have cool stuff like that! I'd love you forever;) But seriously, just let me know if you even know what I'm talking about;)
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[08 Feb 2007|02:29am]
Watch this: http://www.prosportsmedia.com/monarchs/mm/video/clip/PushkarevSpotlight.wmv

I love that they threw him in with some Rancid:) Rockin! I love this song, plus it doesn't hurt benji is in the music video for it;)

And here's the awesomeest goal ever and I was there to see it last year!:)
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[29 Jan 2007|06:47pm]
I just messaged the Tyra guy back, so I'll wait and see. The phone number is the same area code as the one they show on tyra so hey it could be real. The show tapes in LA so I figure maybe it will be a bonus and I can catch a Kings game and be on TV and maybe even madeover to look hot;)

But right now, It's time to watch T.J. Kemp on the AHL ALL STAR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go watch it!! it's on NESN in New England and on random Fox Sports channels throughtout the country, and seeing it's in Toronto I'm sure it's on a ton of canada stations! WATCH IT!
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[28 Jan 2007|11:57pm]
Cards I really want to get rid ofCollapse )
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[28 Jan 2007|09:08pm]
Best Way to sell some nascar cards?? Go!
I was thinking I'd ask you guys cause I thought some of you may be interested. I wanna get some more money towards my Pushy jersey:) I have a bunch of Jr., Jimmie, Tony, Rusty, a bunch more, if it's a big name guy besides Jeff Gordon I probably have cards of them. I won;t sell any of the Carl or Jamie ones, and I don't know how much I would be able to part with the Kasey, Casey, Brian or martin ones, But if someone is interested just let me know:) Just thought you'd have a good idea on how to sell them, ebay seems like a waste cause I'd pay more in fees then I'd get for the cards. I got outbid on a bunch of pushy cards on ebay so I'm sad;) Well let me know:)
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PUSHY'S BACK!!! [21 Jan 2007|08:41pm]

If you can't tell I'm jumping up and down like a nut!! My friend Tracy is working to get me tickets right behind the bench for wednesday's game (thier next home game)!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so wearing my awesome new Pushy hoodie and am gonna fill my whole 1 gb card full of pics! SQUEEEEEEEEEE! I am super psyched!!!! I was feeling down, but seeing pushy will fix that!!!


But now i need to convince mom to take me to get my hair cut and I just need to find that dark purple dye that I can't find in CT! AHHH! I am psyched!! I can finally be happy for a bit again! Yay!:) And now I just gotta make myself look the part;) I mean I can not rock that hoodie with horrible hair;)
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[20 Jan 2007|09:12pm]
Aww the kings traded ryan munce to the lightning for a draft pick in '08. I liked him cause he looked like my cousin billy. Oh well, not like goalies have any chance in the kings organization anyways...he's probably better off in Tampa Bay:) Good Luck Munce!

I really just need to trade deadline to hurry up and pass so they don't get rid of Pushy! They need to send him back to manchester, not to some random team so I never see him again!
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[16 Jan 2007|11:42pm]
Cute T.J. pic I foundCollapse )
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[16 Jan 2007|10:07pm]
Cool Kings Pics and a observationCollapse )
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Mom's Kanko Hoodie [15 Jan 2007|09:33pm]
Ok, here's mom's Kanko hoodie.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Close up of his headCollapse )

Oh and a little bonus for you, It's Carl!Collapse )

Ok I'm gonna go work on the back of mine, wish me luck! If i screw it all up I'm gonna cry! I wish something good was on tv to watch while I do this!
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[10 Jan 2007|01:38am]
I've been fighting www.lakings.com for the past 3 hours, and all I got was a glimpse of Pushy gorgeous face:( I wanna see the video!!!!!!!!!!!!! I somehow got it so I could save the highlight video, which I could only watch the beginning but i can't even watch the Pushy video:( I hate dial up and I hate flash player not allowing me to save the video so i could play it!!
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[09 Jan 2007|10:11pm]
Note to self:

The All-Star game itself will be broadcast on NESN on Monday January 29, 2007:
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[09 Jan 2007|09:45pm]
Pushy Pics!!! Yay!! here's the ones I just found on yahoo!

YAY!!! I also got to see his 2 highlights on FSN last night! Yea I stayed up to 4am watching sportscenter, and they suck and didn't show any highlights!!

I LOVE THESE!!Collapse )

And the icing on the sports cake?? T.J. Kemp has been voted on to the 2007 AHL ALL-STAR TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I voted a ton for him!! GO T.J.!!! Pushy didn't get voted in, but heck he's in LA anyways right now! But T.J.! YAY!!!

The Monarchs on the All Star teams. Heck I have to root for canada! I need to go see how much a all star jersey costs;) And yay for patrick o'sullivan!
2007 Canadian team
T. J. Kemp

Goaltender ( Starter)
Jason Labarbara

2007 Planet USA Team
Patrick O'Sullivan

Peter Harrold

If you go here: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/scoreboard?d=2007-01-08&refresh=60
and click highlights you may be able to watch Pushy's goal and his check. I'm trying to get the kings site to open cause there's a interview with him! AHHH! Please work!!
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