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I'm a eccentric girl who is trying to find a direction in life. I have a clothing line called scitz clothing. I graduated from Florida tech with a BA in Animal Psych. I also attended IADT for Fashion in orlando for a year. My hair color and design pretty much changes every week. I am like Dennis Rodman and Macgyver in girl form.

I'm a huge sports fan! And it is my dream to design for a sports team! I love Baseball, Hockey and Nascar.

My baseball love will always be the NEW YORK YANKEES!!! I worked for their AA team for years, and watched the players move up to the bigs. The 2009 team is beyond amazing! I always dreamed Arod would be a Yankee!

As for Hockey, I'm much more of a individual player fan, because my faves always get traded! Konstantin Pushkarev is the greatest player ever, he has my heart! I do like the Capitals a ton, because Mike Green is to sweet, and Ovechkin has personality coming out of his ears! I also follow the Rangers, because King Henrik is the best goalie, I like Dubs and Oh Boyle! I follow a ton of AHL players as well, wanna know who, just ask:) I followed the KHL last year but this year I don't have to;)

As for Nascar, Carl Edwards is the man! The 1st time I met him he pulled me around to all his crew guys to show them the shirt I was wearing, because I had painted him on the shirt and he'd never seen anyone in a shirt with him on it:) I was the creator of the SHAVE TOM shirts that I got to deliver to the teams in the hauler at a race in NH:) Carl is the nicest guy and a amazing driver!

I am constantly making things to wear to support my fave players and teams:) My designs can be seen on my design blog. I also sell some things I make on etsy under user: 21cannonsalute

It's my dream to visit Russia one day. I am trying to teach myself russian, but it is going very slowly.

I am also in to photography and love photographing sports:)

Check out my selling page on etsy! http://21cannonsalute.etsy.com

Check out my design journal at: http://dreambig99.livejournal.com

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CARL EDWARDS IS MY HERO! 99 needs to be All Mine!
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Jamie McMurray is hot sex!

Kasey Kahne rocks hard bananas

Josh Stewart is Rookie Love!

Carl Edwards Is Love


Brendan Finney is hot rookie sex love

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